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Worship at West Suffolk Vineyard

Worship happens across West Suffolk Vineyard Church and we deliberately devote time to it during our Sunday celebrations, kinships and other events. The purpose of worship is to celebrate what God has done for us and declare our love for him, finally reaching a place of intimacy with him.

We will often use contemporary music to lead us into worship, but the focus is on Jesus - we want to celebrate who he is and what he has done; he chooses to meet with and speak to us when we do this.

Opportunities to Worship

Sunday Mornings


Our Sunday morning celebrations always start with half an hour of worship, led by one of our worship bands. This is one of the most important things we do during the morning as we celebrate Jesus and draw near to him. As we move from declaring God's glory to declaring our love for him, the intention is to reach intimacy with Jesus. For more info about getting involved in Sunday bands, speak to Richard Steel.

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Many of our other events, such as prayer meetings or training events, will give time to worship. This is because we want to devote the event to God and let him guide the meeting. For more info about playing in a band, or leading worship at an event, speak to Richard Steel.




All of our kinships groups devote time every week to worship. Each group will do this in a slightly different way, but the purpose is the same: to declare our love for Jesus and find intimacy with him. For more info about getting involved in kinship worship, speak to Richard Steel.

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